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Live an independent
life at home
with PCA help

We are here to provide you with quality home health care.

Safeway Home Healthcare is a Roseville, Minnesota based company, providing home health care services in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and the surrounding metropolitan area.  Safeway Home Healthcare is here to support you in living a fulfilling and independent life at home.

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What Are the Options?

We understand why a family member would choose to place a loved one in a nursing home or assisted living.  You may be concerned about the safety of a vulnerable adult living independently in their home.  You worry about the dangers of falling, loneliness, financial fraud, acts of violence or a multitude of possible accidents.  Those worries might cause you to think the best option is to place a family member in a nursing home where there is constant supervision.  We believe there is a better option.  Living at home with caring, professional assistance can assure the mental and physical health of your loved one. 


Safeway Home Healthcare understands that life can be hectic and providing assistance to your loved ones yourself can be impossible.  We are here to alleviate your worries when it comes to caring for your loved ones. 


Why Did We Start a Home Care Business?

Safeway Home Healthcare (Safeway HHC) was started by a group of family members who have over a decade of experience working with the disabled and the elderly in the healthcare industry.  We are nurses, social workers, personal care attendants, and loving family members who have provided care for our elderly family members in a home setting.


The home health care industry is vast and there are a lot of providers competing for your attention and business.  Having worked in this industry ourselves, we decided to start Safeway HHC because we know we can provide superior service that will benefit both our clients and our employees.


One of the most difficult issues in our industry is the way that home health aides are treated.  We found a correlation between how home health aides are treated by their agencies and the quality of care being provided to clients.  When home health aides are financially stressed due to being underpaid, they are always on the lookout for the next job and less focused on the care being provided.  Even though many home health aides love taking care of others and may have bonded with the clients they serve, they may be unable to stay in their position because they need to make a living wage.  This dilemma creates a high employment turnover and increases client stress.  An agency that has high turnover undermines the whole purpose of why people choose home care rather than institutional care.  People choose home care because they crave familiarity, consistency, and care being provided by a known and trusted person.


Experts agree that people receive the best care when they have stable relationships with home health care workers.  Safeway HHC is committed to providing a living wage, offering health benefits, and building our business through partnership and investment, and not just making a profit.  We want to break the cycle of low-wage turnover and low quality care and build long-term, beneficial relationships for both our employees and our clients.

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Our Background: Why Are We Different?

The founders of Safeway HHC are Ethiopian Americans, steeped in a culture that values family, especially our elders.  Ethiopia does not have nursing homes or elder-care institutions, so most Ethiopian families have several generations living together.  This sense of community and togetherness is at the core of our values that translates to service to clients.  In our business model, we focus on creating a family-like environment for our clients and employees.


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